Apatisiwin is an Aboriginal employment and training program that helps with employment and training opportunities. Their main objectives are to ensure the success of employees and the satisfaction of employers through various workshops and programs. Onyx was tasked with providing Apatisiwin with a modern branding package that included a new identity as well as a redesign of all of their collateral to better promote themselves throughout the community.

Apatisiwin Logo
Apatisiwin Brochure Front Panel
Apatisiwin Fylers
Apatisiwin Business Cards


The underlying tone of the creative process was the theme of unity. By using different tones of red, we were able to develop a custom geometric pattern to symbolize the different types of services that Apatisiwin is able to provide so that they can “enhance the unity of their people and improve the opportunities for meaningful employment”. The combination mark was developed using the concept of a Celtic Knot and an infinity knot.

Apatisiwin Brochure Panel


When Apatisiwin approached Onyx with this project, they had very little in terms of brand equity. Once the rebranding was completed, Apatisiwin was provided with the stunning visuals they needed to boost their confidence to approach employers with the professional image they needed. The subtle reference to the Iroquois heritage can be seen with the usage of six diamonds scattered throughout the word mark. The combination mark has the ability to adapt to its environment and is flexible in the face of change without compromising on the symbolism of togetherness and solidity.