Business Innovation Zone

The Small Business Enterprise Centre of Niagara Falls approached us looking for a website to showcase the newly built Business Innovation Zone and it’s information in a creative and abstract style. The BIZ is an incubator that provides: low-cost professional space, infrastructure, coaching, and is an innovative community to startups. Once completed and unveiled, Onyx delivered something much greater.

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When the BIZ contacted us they had very little in terms of a web presence, what they were looking for was something that was outside of the box and unique. They wanted something radically different compared to their previous site. To elevate the BIZ above the mundane and visually unappealing image typically associated with public sector websites, our aim was simplicity and easy navigation. This thought guided the entire creative process.

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The result of our collaboration with the BIZ is a dynamic site with smooth animations and app-like functionality combined with professional photography. The site is also built responsively, allowing it to scale for tablet and mobile viewing. This project has been one of our favourite projects to date because of their willingness to take risks and let go of the usual while accepting the unusual. Since their inception, we’ve helped them build connections with their audience through online and print. We’re honoured to be their very first tenants and call the BIZ our home.