EuroAid is a Christian not-for-profit organization that is committed to overcoming poverty and hunger, as well as providing clean water, basic human relief, and assistance in education throughout communities in the eastern countries of Europe and Russia. They contacted us regarding a redesign of their website and we welcomed the opportunity with open arms.

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They requested a site that was simple, clean, and very easy to navigate. To accompany their current materials, we built a site that could serve as an educational tool and an information funnel for potential donators. Using a responsive design, users could experience the site on multiple platforms.

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EuroAid recently appeared as a vendor at a national Conference and with the help of engaging visuals and a user-centric digital presence, the site redesign was a clear success in engaging potential donators and other organizations with EuroAid’s initiatives. The target audience was reached from all sides and EuroAid left the conference with engagement that they didn't have before hand.