Drainage Investment Group

Drainage Investment Group (DIG) is a not for profit organization that secures funding to allow for environmental enhancements to Municipal Drains. Having connections within all levels of Government, our partnership with DIG has been vital. DIG contacted our team asking to a full-blown branding package created for their organization.

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DIG Logo
DIG Logo Shapes
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Although it has strong roots in the environmental and drainage sector, DIG had zero brand presence before we designed it. We created a mark that uses both bold and subtle elements to span the gap between the environmental side of their organization, as well as the drainage aspect. The combination mark uses geometric shapes and tones of green and blue to project a very organic feeling. The word mark is an ambigram, which means that it has the ability to be used as a stand alone secondary mark and is read the same way regardless if it is right side up or upside down.

DIG Branding


This branding project allowed us to push ourselves further and in the end our team was able to exceed all expectations and give DIG the brand presence it deserved. The DIG brand has been one of our favourite projects to date because of their creativity and willingness to take risks. Included in their collateral were banners, business cards, letter head, brand guide lines, and several posters. The future is bright for this organization and we’re honoured to be their creative team.